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The Largest Mushroom Grower in New South Wales

Regal Mushroom Farm.

The Largest Mushroom Grower in New South Wales

Welcome To
Regal Mushrooms

Regal Mushrooms is a modern mushroom growing farm located in Londonderry – a large western suburb in New South Wales. We are 45 minutes of quiet drive from Cabramatta and less than 15 minutes away from Penrith and Richmond.

Everyday, we grow and harvest about 15 tonnes of fresh, high quality white button and flat mushrooms that make their way to Australia households in New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland. This makes us the largest mushroom grower in New South Wales! Our mushrooms can be found in major retail stores and markets, as well as grocers under the White Prince Mushrooms brand, our marketing and distribution arm.

Our Products

Button Mushrooms
Buttons are the youngest and generally (but not always) the smallest. The name refers to their shape and stage of growth, not the size. The cap of the button mushroom is always tightly closed around the stem. They have a firm, delicate texture and mild flavour that intensifies when cooked.
Flat Mushrooms
Flats are a meal in themselves and make an ideal meat substitute. Flat mushrooms should not be confused with field mushrooms, although their appearance and flavour are similar. Flats have an intense, robust, almost ‘meaty’ flavour, with a dense, spongy texture slightly softer than cups and buttons.


We have a lot of different nationalities that work at Regal. We need people who get along with all cultures and are respectful of those values. We will provide full training and want committed team players who are efficient, safety- and quality-minded. We are looking for people who are willing to stay long term and not people who are after a short term job. We conduct group interviews regularly and you will be called up prior to attend. You will receive a tour of the farm first so you can see what the job is like. You can then stay and have an individual interview with the Harvesting and HR Manager if you still would like to apply for the role.

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